DryMax XL
DryMax XL in Surgery
DryMax XL in Surgery

DryMax XL Surgical Floor Mat (Box of 50 pieces)

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DryMax XL is an absorbent and hygienic single-use mat which quickly and efficiently absorbs blood, washing fluid (ie irrigation fluid), urine and other fluids present in endoscopy-based surgery and urology. DryMax XL is suitable for standing on and can also be placed under a stool. An anti-skid/ barrier layer keeps the mat in place and prevents fluids from going through, thereby reducing the risk of wet and slippery floors. Other than during surgery DryMax XL is commonly used under wash sinks in the OR to prevent slips and falls.

The mats can, depending on what they have absorbed, be disposed of in the usual manner. Incorporating DryMax XL mats into the work routine reduces the time and money spent on cleaning as well as allowing for a quicker turn-around.

In the case of heavy liquid flows DryMax XL can successfully be used in combination with DryMax 2.4 which is a superabsorbent mat, providing exceedingly high absorbency.



Approx Size: 39" x 29.5"  (100 x 75 cm)

Packaging: 10 pcs/plastic bag x 5 = 50 pcs/box

Applications: Absorbs all liquids

Use: Disposable product for single use, can be cut, walkable with blue anti-skid layer toward the floor

Absorbency: 1.5 liters

Disposal: Treat as clinical waste, combustion forms carbon dioxide and water.


NOTE: Not sold as individual pieces.  Price shown reflects box price.