DryMax Triple
DryMax Triple in Surgery - Wrapped
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DryMax Triple in Surgery

DryMax Triple Surgical Floor Mat (Box of 40 pieces)

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DryMax Triple is a superabsorbent single-use mat or cloth with a very high absorption capacity.  Despite being only a few millimetres thick, the mat absorbs and can contain large quantities of fluids and also bacteria. DryMax Triple is a 3 part-mat, easy to fold in different ways, or to stay alongside an entire operating table – capable of absorbing up to 15 litres of water or 6 litres of saline solution.

It can be placed under the operating table, in front of the feet of the surgical team. Another application is on the examination table of wet examinations – under the patient with a sterile sheet over – to collect flushing liquid, preventing soaking of the patient and equipment. The cloth does not leak or drip as the absorbed fluids remain inside and are turned into a gel. Since both liquid and bacteria are retained in the gel this product contributes to the infection control of operations and examinations.

The result is a drier, more hygienic, safer and pleasant working environment – also meaning less time and money spent on cleaning. Depending on the fluid absorbed – the mat can be disposed of in the usual manner. Turn-around time is reduced considerably, allowing for more operations to be carried out.



Approx Size: 85" x 14.5" (216 x 37 cm) / Each section: 28" x 14.5" (72 x 37 cm)

Packaging: 40 pcs/box

Applications: Absorbs water based liquids such as saline, urine and blood.

Use: Disposable product for single use, do NOT cut outer cover, do NOT stand on the mat – risk of slipperiness.

Absorbency: 15 total liters of tap water or 6 liters of  0.9% nacl.

Disposal: Treat as clinical waste, combustion forms carbon dioxide and water.


NOTE: Not sold as individual pieces.  Price shown reflects box price.