Theragun Saftey Tips


• Do not place your finger or any objects near the metal piston above the Attachment while the Theragun is in use or just after use. The metal piston can become extremely hot.
• Do not use any Attachments or batteries other than the ones provided by Theragun and only as instructed by Theragun.
• Do not use the Theragun on your head or near your genitals.
• Do not get hair caught in the attachment arm or any other moving part on the Theragun.
• Do not use the Theragun above your Adam’s Apple or C4.
• Do not use on open wounds or surgery incisions prior to stitches.
• Do not get the Theragun wet other than by cleaning it with a magic eraser or a lightly damp towel.
• Do not block the vents of the motor.
• Do not reverse the polarity of the battery by inserting it upside down - only insert with the flat side facing the sliding button.
• To extend the life of the battery, remove the battery from the charger once the light stops flashing.
• Theragun should not be used on children under the age of 8.
• If you are pregnant, please consult your physician before use.
• This product is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease.


• Never attempt to disassemble the battery.
• Never store a battery in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 104 °F. (40°C)
• Only charge the battery when the ambient temperature is between 32 °F (0°C) and 104 °F (40°C).
• Never expose the battery or charger to water.
• For long-term storage, the battery should be fully charged.
• Always remove after the light stays solid white.
• Do not leave the battery in the charger overnight.