Miralon PLUS CBD Softgels
Miralon PLUS CBD Softgels

Miralon PLUS CBD Softgels

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NEW!  Miralon PLUS Softgels


The proven proprietary Miralon formula of top-quality broad-spectrum CBD derived from hemp, combined with Sebrium DCD™, a proprietary extract indigenous to South Africa – now with AstaReal® Astaxanthin.

Clinical studies indicate that AstaReal® Astaxanthin is a natural ingredient (from microalgae) with extraordinary antioxidant capacity that is 6000x stronger than Vitamin C and 800x more powerful than CoQ10.  Astaxanthin is a pure antioxidant that is able to span the whole length of the cell membrane, able to cross blood-brain and blood-retinal barriers, and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that are complementary to the combination of Sebrium DCD™ and Broad-spectrum CBD.  Sebrium DCD™ and CBD Hemp Extract operate in the same neuropathway and synergistically provide pain relief and enhanced therapeutic benefits.

The ingredients are processed in a unique and proprietary manner to increase the bioavailability of the active ingredients. The Sebrium DCD™ potentiates the CBD in the body and maximizes the overall therapeutic benefits.

Developed by a renowned pain management physician at New York’s Hospital for Special Surgery, in consultation with a network of retired NFL players and Molecular Health Technologies LLC, a premier supplement and nutraceuticals provider.


  • 750mg  CBD per Bottle; 30 Capsules; 25mg CBD per Capsule
  • 1500mg CBD per Bottle; 60 Capsules; 25mg CBD per Capsule