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ActivForce Device / Dashboard Package

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ActivForce is a digital dynamometer platform paired with the Activ5 dynamometer.  Its designed to increase clinician access to precise data, creating a more streamlined and efficient experience with manual muscle testing. Paired with the Activ5 force measurement device, ActivForce allows clinicians the ability to gain precise, objective data during manual muscle testing, and transfer the data in real time to the application and dashboard.

ActivForce tests, measures, and tracks strength changes, and compiles the data into comprehensive patient reports that can be personalized and managed in the dashboard.

Through the customizable tests feature and preset manual muscle testing protocols of the ActivForce platform, physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other clinicians can evaluate muscle strength pre and post-operatively, measure left/right strength symmetry, test endurance of specific muscle groups, and measure and track peak muscle force and force over time.

Included With Your Order

    1. Activ5 DYNAMOMETER Device
    2. ActivForce Digital Dynamometer App
    3. Annual ActivForce Dashboard Subscription
    4. Accessory Kit (which includes):
    • Carrying Case
    • Mobile Stand
    • Hand and Body Attachment Straps

      **Please allow for 24 hours to receive an email containing setup info for your ActivForce Dashboard account**

      Packages Devices Accessory Kits Dashboard Users
      Basic Plan 1 1 2 Users + Admin
      Standard Plan 2 2 4 Users + Admin
      Deluxe Plan 5 5 10 Users + Admin
      Premium Plan 10 10 20 Users + Admin

      NOTE: Each dashboard account includes one admin role in addition to number of dashboard users

      ActivForce Features

      • Activ5 device fits in the palm of the hand and can be used to test most muscle groups
      • Individual patient data can be stored in the app
      • Digital readout displays isometric force from 0-200 lbs
      • Automatic calculation of force to weight ratio
      • Peak-hold automatically displayed until reset
      • Data is displayed real time while testing
      • App allows for easy view of data on phone or tablet
      • Measure in pounds or kilograms
      • Adjustable testing time
      • Blue tooth connectivity makes data transfer seamless
      • Compatible with IOS 11.0 and Android 4.4 or later


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